Why I chose to do a raffle to celebrate our 1st anniversary.

Like a lot of immigrant families, my dad had a minimum wage labour-intensive job when we moved to Canada. My mom worked part-time here and there. OSAP and my parents paid for our university education. And after graduation, I was fortunate to get a Big4 job 🎓 Sure, we couldn’t take annual vacation like other families, but I never really had to worry about money. But not every Torontonian is that fortunate.

I can’t imagine having to worry my next meal or where to get a roof over my head as a child (tbh even teens are just kids). That’s why to celebrate Soft Dough Co.’s 1st anniversary, I want to give back with your help through our Charity Raffle. I chose to focus on helping at-risk youth through Eva's Intiatives. When you don’t feel safe or have to worry about basic life necessities, how do you grow up well mentally and physically? How do you focus on school? And once you’re unhoused, how do you break from it?

I don't know what that’s like and definitely don’t have answers to those questions. But with you, we can hopefully help - maybe it’s a meal or a night of shelter - and it’ll only cost the price of a cookie or a cheap coffee!

Here’s how it works! 🔥

A random winner will be chosen on Aug 14th, midnight EST

Save some loose change (skip a coffee), get a chance to win a tasty cheesecake and make a meaningful donation. What’re you waiting for?! 🔥

Get yours today: here

Thank you ❤️
- Alice
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